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Our brands

BERGNER is composed from differentiated brands designed to meet the consumer needs, adapting our products to different lifestyles and different audiences.

Live colorful
Colourful Brand United Colors of Benetton is a world-renowned fashion company, with a network of about 5.000 stores in the international market. The Benetton Group has a created an identity compromised of color and authentic designs while focusing on being a group that lives in the present but plans for the future with a watchful eye to the environment, to human dignity, and to a society in transformation.

Cooking stylish

Alessi is a lifestyle brand that brings together the best of Italian craftsmanship and innovative design. The Bones collection, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is made up of pots and pans in 18/10 multilayer stainless steel. 

 The revolutionary concept of this collection completely evolves around the nature of the food preparation process. Its three layers allow for a unique interaction between each element: the inner layer with holes guarantees stability and uniform heating on each surface; the middle layer prevents food from sticking, while allowing it to breathe; while the third layer maintains an even temperature and protects against overheating. A cutting-edge concept made possible by an outstanding three-layer design; a technological development able to ensure a next level in the kitchen. Discover Bones and the beautiful Alessi collections here, on!

The art of Grilling
RÖSLE has been a traditional brand and family business since 1888 and has always strongly focussed on the needs, interests and habits of its customers. All this is behind their guiding principle "LOVE COOK LIVE" and "GRILL AND CHILL", what means their products not only provide more enjoyment, but also more well-being and a better quality of life. With cleverly thought-out innovations in their kitchen gadgets, their cookware and grills, they promise that preparing and cooking dishes is not only easy, it's also about creating experiences having fun.
Elegance cooking

Pyrex presents a range of cookware for cooking with an elegant style with the best performance. High strength materials and heat retention suitable for all heat sources to save time and energy. Cook safely and healthily! Pyrex brings you the safest and most functional pressure cooker to cook your best recipes with even cooking that saves time and energy. 

Great sealing of the cooker, with safety valves, ergonomic handles and a durable locking mechanism that will give you optimal performance for a long time. Professional design in frying pans created with high quality materials that adapt to any type of kitchen so that all you have to worry about is choosing the recipe. Healthy and balanced cooking with maximum cleanliness and comfort.

Cook like a pro
We believe that, through cooking, we have the opportunity to change lives. We are passionate about helping foodies make a difference in their kitchens, in their lives and in the world. This is why we strive to conceive a new generation of products which are destined to empower their skills.
 At Masterpro, we are led by our desire to improve.Masterpro applies the most professional production processes, while taking care of the design and manufacturing in order to comply with the most demanding quality standards, and paying the closest possible attention to detail, thus bringing a real change to the world of cooking.

Glamour style

The Beverly Hills Polo Club brand was established in 1982. Inspired by both the eleganceand glamour of Beverly Hills as well as the heritage sport of polo, the Brand captures theexcitement of this competitive sport along with membership in an exclusive social club. 

Beverly Hills, California has a reputation for luxury and glamour that is unparalleledworldwide. Home to movie stars and millionaires, and set amidst tropical flora and perfect California weather, the city’s lifestyle represents the pinnacle of aspiration.

Floral aesthetics

La Maison is a fusion of modernism and classicalism in products and designs, providing solutions for any home. Our goal to provide affordable luxury continues. We transform the world of fashion into affordable homeware. 

 We believe that one can tell a lot about a person with the design and details of their living space, and hence strive to create the most up to date and fashionable as well as luxurious goods for your Bedroom, Bathroom and Living Room to make your home a beautifully presentable image of yourself.

Fashion in your kitchen

Serafino Zani designs and produces kitchen and table utensils. Its profound knowledge of steel-working, combined with innovative production techniques, have distinguished the company's output since 1963. Serafino Zani's products are the fruit of a winning union of artisan skill and design of the highest quality. Designed for intensive, everyday use, the Epica collection is the synthesis of design innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Cooking for the family

For over 70 years, innovation, quality and respect for the environment have been San Ignacio's key values, offering maximum quality in its products. In 1944, in the town of Oñate in northern Spain, a young entrepreneur, Ignacio Emparanza Gaztañaga, founded a company called Esmaltaciones San Ignacio, now known as San Ignacio. 

 Much more than just kitchenware, San Ignacio is a balanced lifestyle which accompanies and promotes the Mediterranean diet through recipes and cooking techniques to help you live a happy, healthy life on a daily basis. For this new era, San Ignacio has undergone a thorough digital transformation, consolidating its presence in Internet and the Social Networks and participating proactively in the changes which are taking place in this increasingly globalized world.

Affordable Luxury

The perfect complement to bring the rebellious spirit of SCALPERS into the home. Designed in black, grey and earth tones, it is made up of textile products for the bedroom, living room and bathroom. It is also complemented with kitchenware: crockery, cutlery, glassware and kitchen accessories and includes candles and mikados in different scents.

French artand

Pierre Cardin’s world is made from multiple things, it is protean as well as avant-guardist. The perfect combination of product know-how, work ethics and a vision of future arethe qualities that have made the alliance between BERGNER EUROPE and Pierre Cardin something remarkable.
Cardin is considered, among other things, the creator of the concepts unisex and prêt-à-porter. Pierre Cardin was also a pioneer in the now common practice of applyingfashion ideas to porcelain like in our dinnerware collection “Paris”, but this was unusualback in 1968, when he first did it.
Pierre Carding and Bergner Europe bring refined elegance and timeless aesthetic from France to the table with the new “Paris” collection. “Paris” is a brushstroke of French artand culture. These are small details reinterpreted from an aesthetic point of view helpingus create amazing table settings.

Racing gaming furniture

Racing has arrived for video game lovers. In an increasingly competitive sector, this collection offers the best products and accessories for comfort and convenience while you play. Racing combines the highest quality with a modern and innovative design, inspired by racing cars.

 Racing gaming furniture is backed by the comfort of its ergonomic chairs, for children and adults, as well as features that adapt perfectly to the user's needs as they progress through the game to achieve the ultimate victory. Because being comfortable is vital, whether you're in an office working or struggling to win the game in your favourite video game, with Racing you won't want to get out of your chair!

For a happy life

Renberg & Wellberg offer the best relation between price and quality, which allows many consumers to afford a wide range of useful products for daily use, covering everything our clients could need.
The brand, which is in a process of continuous improvement with regard to its design and quality, offers its customers the most useful and essential products, with a clearly modern design, which tkes care of the quality and creates a unique atmosphere for our daily tasks within the home.
Its products are always useful and essential, and they all have a clearly modern design, which takes care of the quality and appearance and creates a unique atmosphere for our daily tasks.

Smart living

Since 1999, Bergner has been supplying the whole world with Europe’s most complete kitchenware solution. Over the years, innovation and the brand have progressed hand in hand, but Bergner’s essence remains the same and can be summed up in the concepts which define each of its collections: quality, innovation, practicality and sustainability.
It is Bergner’s priority to offer attractive, innovative collections to a wide range of customers, at a time and place which most suits their needs. Bergner’s designers are able to respond quickly to their demands and comments and incorporate new ideas into the collections.
As well as, Bergner endeavours to improve its quality standards and strengthen its commitment to sustainability and responsibility to society and the environment by supporting an ecological and sustainable lifestyle.

Little friends

Hearts & Homies is the pet line with a wide variety of designs and fabrics that will please humans and four-legged companions alike. We use strong, durable materials and high quality fabrics to ensure the product fits the pet's needs. We offer attractive and fashionable designs, inspired by the pet world as well as the fashion industry, with attention to detail. Offering utility and variation in sizes and tastes, we aim to solve and revolutionise the daily care of all pets.

Intelligent Way of Living
Discover the ultimate computing experience with our Genius Electronic Partner Brand. Our laptops and computers feature advanced technology and sleek design to enhance your productivity and creativity. With top-rated performance and reliability, our brand is your key to unlocking your full potential. Shop now and experience a new level of innovation.